Soul-Stirring Resolutions for 2021

2020 was a force to be reckoned with. It pushed us to our limits and made us take a break from the hustle to truly take care of ourselves and the people around us. Personally, I’m going to dedicate 2021 to take care of my inner being and do everything big and small to make my soul happy. As Master Oogway would say look for ‘Inner Peace’ people. 2021 should be dedicated to everything soulful after the rollercoaster year that 2020 has been. So, here are some of my personal favourite “New Year New Me” resolutions for your soul. You can thank us later.

Travel Solo

Travel Solo, people! Not just for your pretty Instagram pictures and photo ops but to help yourself grow. Being in an unknown place with people you barely know will give you the perspective of the world that you have been craving for since forever. Travel to educate yourself about the world and its people. Their cultures and where they come from. Travel to gain the confidence of a grizzly beer-drinking biker while you look like a puny little chihuahua. YES! That’s what Solo Travelling can do to you.

Declutter your Life

When we say Declutter, we don’t just mean your space but your whole life. You’ve got to start small so start with your space and move into decluttering your life by removing thoughts, people, things, social media. The range is vast and wild. Realize that you have outgrown your certain relationships just like how you outgrow a sweater. I am still trying to master it for ages but I am definitely getting somewhere.

Spend more “Me time” but the right way

Spend your “Me Time” wisely but in order to grow your pool of skillset. You can literally start a million things to do but sometimes only a few skills stick around for long. Pick up the Ukulele and start strumming, pick up the chords, and then songs. Strum your way into Nirvana. I have done it! It WORKS! Also helps me to relax like a lazy panda.

Journal your days down.

This is one thing I’m going to swear by! Journaling has kept me going through the lockdown. Penning down those busy thoughts helped me stay sane and kept me on track with my million-gazillion thoughts. 2021 is going to be quite busy compared to the chiller of a year 2020 was. No matter how busy I get, I’m going to adhere to this habit.

Try new things and Be YOU!

Life is short. You haven’t seen the future, hence it’s time to just be YOU. You don’t have to even care about what people think or how they feel. This is your life and it’s time to take command and just be you. Experience new things while you are being you it’ll help you refine yourself and be a better YOU.

CHEERS! Happy New Year, Folks!

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